Friday, March 23, 2012

The Turkish Constitution Clause 169

IV. Forests and the Inhabitants of Forest Villages
A. Protection and Development of Forests

ARTICLE 169. The state shall enact the necessary legislation and take the measures necessary for the protection of forests and extension of their areas. Forest areas destroyed by fire shall be reafforested; other agricultural and stock-breeding activities shall not be allowed in such areas. All forests shall be under the care and supervision of the state.

The ownership of state forests shall not be transferred to others. state forests shall be managed and exploited by the state in accordance with the law. Ownership of these forests cannot be acquired through prescription, nor shall servitude other than that in the public interest be imposed in respect of such forests.

Acts and actions which might damage forests shall not be permitted. No political propaganda which might lead to the destruction of forests shall be made; no amnesties or pardons specifically granted for offences against forests shall be legislated. Offences committed with the intention of burning or destroying forests or reducing forest areas shall not be included within the scope of
amnesties or pardons applicable on other occasions.

The limiting of forest boundaries shall be prohibited, except in respect of areas whose preservation as forests is considered technically and scientifically useless, but whose conversion into agricultural land has been found to be definitely advantageous, and in respect of fields, vineyards, orchards, olive groves or similar areas which technically and scientifically ceased to be forest before M31 December 1981 and whose use for agricultural or stock-breeding purposes has been found advantageous, and in respect of built-up areas in the vicinity of cities, towns or villages.

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