Friday, April 22, 2011

An example of an official 1:25000 regional map of Turkey dated 1939

This map was used to prove in court that the area near Sarıcaeli village was not within State Forest boundaries.

According to the Turkish Government Directive of 15/7/2004 Clause 26 Criterion c, (see Section VII 2), all Forests Nationalized or Forests elligible to be nationalized by Law 4785 of 1945 must be delimited as STATE FORESTS during a Forest Survey.

Identification of such forests should be carried by Forest Survey Commissions according to forest boundaries recorded in the 1:25000 Forest Management Map of Turkey completed in 1945 and according to Country Maps and aerial photos completed by 1945.

The map below completed in 1939 is an example of such a map.

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