Friday, September 30, 2011

Recent judgements made by the ECHR regarding the violation of property rights by the Turkish Government in Forest areas - (updated)

There have been a total of 41 judgments to date (by 27 September 2011) in which the Turkish Government has been condemned for taking registered private property without compensation because it was deemed to be State Forest.

Date of Judgement, Case name, Application No(s) :

8-Jul-2008, Turgut and Others v. Turkey, 1411/03
22-Jul-2008, Köktepe v. Turkey, 35785/03
13-Nov-2008, Case of Devecioğlu v. Turkey, 17203/03
10-Mar-2009, Affaire Rimer et Autres C. Turquie, 18257/04
10-Mar-2009, Affaire Nural Vural c. Turquie, 16009/04
10-Mar-2009, Affaire Satir c. Turquie, 36192/03
10-Mar-2009, Affaire Temel Conta Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. c. Turquie, 45651/04
2-Jun-2009, Affaire Hacisalihoğlu C. Turquie, 343/04
22-Sep-2009, Affaire Ali Taş c. Turquie, 10250/02
22-Sep-2009, Affaire Çetiner et Yücetürk c. Turquie, 24620/04
20-Oct-2009, Affaire Özerman et Autres c. Turquie, 3197/05
20-Oct-2009, Affaire Bozak c. Turquie, 32697/02
10-Nov-2009, Affaire Çin et Autres c. Turquie, 305/03
24-Nov-2009, Affaire Kök et Autres c. Turquie, 20868/04
8-Dec-2009, Affaire Öztok c. Turquie, 42082/02
12-Jan-2010, Affaire Serpil kaya et Autres c. Turquie, 21313/05
19-Jan-2010, Affaire Ocak c. Turquie, 33675/04
19-Jan-2010, Affaire Nazmi Apaydin c. Turquie, 33742/05
26-Jan-2010, Affaire Gümrükçüler et Autres c. Turquie, 9580/03
26-Jan-2010, Affaire Keçeli et Başpinar c. Turquie, 21426/03
26-Jan-2010, Affaire Pak c. Turquie, 21516/04
9-Feb-2010, Affaire Bölükbaş et Autres c. Turquie, 29799/02
16-Mar-2010, Affaire Erkmen et Autres c. Turquie, 6950/05
23-Mar-2010, Affaire Süleyman Baba c. Turquie, 2150/05
23-Mar-2010, Affaire S.S. Göller Bölgesi Konut Yapı Koop. c. Turquie, 35802/02
23-Mar-2010, Affaire Arif Erdem c. Turquie, 3171/04
13-Apr-2010, Affaire Çağlar c. Turquie, 11192/05
15-Feb-2011, Affaire Zeki Simşek c. Turquie, 2408/06
15-Feb-2011, Affaire Mustafa Kemal Özdemir et Autres c. Turquie, 3724/06, 6598/06, 7369/06, 7370/06, 7371/06, 7479/06, 8204/06, 8996/06, 8999/06.
15-Feb-2011, Affaire Türkkan c. Turquie, 8774/06
15-Feb-2011, Affaire Okul et Karakose c. Turquie, 37300/05
01-Mar-11, Affaire Sever c. Turquie, 29195/05
29-Mar-11, Affaire Kar c. Turquie, 25257/05
31-May-11, Affaire Ahmet Nuri Tan et Autresc. Turquie, 18949/05
13-Sep-11, Affaire Feryadi Sahin c. Turquie, 33279/05
13-Sep-11, Affaire Erkmen et Autres c. Turquie, 6950/05
13-Sep-11, Affaire Ali Kılıc et Autres c. Turquie, 13178/05
13-Sep-11, Affaire Koper c. Turquie, 18538/05
13-Sep-11, Affaire Malhas et Autres c. Turquie, 35476/06, 28530/06, 43192/06,43194/06
13-Sep-11, Affaire Sarisoy c. Turquie,19641/06
27-Sep-11, Affaire Tongun c. Turquie,8622/05

The first two judgements against the Turkish Government were made on 8 July 2008 and these have been followed over the next 38 months by 39 more judgements all of which have found Turkey guilty of infringing property rights and violating Article 1 Protocol 1 of the convention.

In all these cases the Turkish Government has been condemned ‘for the annulment of title acquired in good faith but later restored to State ownership without compensation being paid’.

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